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Crafted from recycled plastic, these lanyards offer the same softness as tradition polyester options. By opting for our eco-friendly alternative, you’re not just accessorizing — you’re making a conscious choice preserve our planet.

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We've curated an extensive collection of attachments to meet your needs. Whether it's securing badges, keys, or electronics, we have the ideal attachment to keep your essentials close at hand. Don't settle for subpar attachments – you'll find the perfect match with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about custom lanyards? Read some of the most common inquiries we receive from new and repeat customers.

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Basic Questions

The basic details about custom lanyards.

In its most simple definition, a lanyard is a cord or strap used to secure something by way of a hook, clasp, or other attachment on the end. For our purposes, a lanyard is usually worn around the neck and used to hold a nametag, ID, badge, card, keys, or any number of other common items. The lanyards produced by Lanyard Lab are available in nine different styles. Each style features either a different material, thread, or manner of including a custom design. Whether they're wide or narrow, thick or thin, printed or woven, they're still called a lanyard. Lanyards are most commonly used for identification with your custom logo and/or organization name.

Lanyards are often seen at conventions, schools, businesses, hospitals, and government organizations. Lanyards are also often given away at conventions, parties, and other special events as promotional gifts.

We'll be honest. We don't ever actually get asked this question. However, you'd be surprised at how many customers don't know how to pronounce the word. It's rather simple: LAN-yerd, with the emphasis on "lan". It's NOT pronounced lannard or lan-yarrrd (unless you're a pirate, in which case you can pronounce it however you want).

All of our lanyards are fully customizable in every aspect. We do not stock any lanyards. In every order, you can choose your material, material color, width, length, thickness, attachments, and design. We also have a variety of additional accessories available including safety breakaways, buckles, retractable badge reels, and badge holders. We produce your lanyards from scratch when you place your order

More Advanced Questions

A few specifics about custom lanyards.

Lanyard materials include polyester, nylon, silk, satin, cotton, bamboo, and recycled plastics. However, at Lanyard Lab, we do not offer cotton or bamboo lanyards as we feel they fall apart too easily. For more detail on all of the lanyard materials we use, visit our Custom Lanyards page.

At the end or base of every lanyard sits a lanyard attachment. Often used for securing cards, name tags, IDs, badges, or keys, these attachments include hooks, clasps, and key rings. They are usually made of metal but can also be made of plastic. You can visit our attachments page for more information.

If you can picture it, we can create it. Nearly any color is possible for us to produce. But for a little guidance, you can browse our most common colors in our colors guide.

Yes and no. Our artists can certainly create simple graphics for use on your custom lanyards. If you need a paw print, cross, or other relatively common graphic, we can provide that. However, we will not design your company's new logo for you. If you're not sure if what you need is too complex, e-mail or call us and we'll talk it over with you.

Without seeing these two attachments in person, it's easy to mix them up. The safety breakaway is generally located in the back of the neck when wearing a lanyard and is designed to come loose when a lanyard is snagged or pulled on with force. It prevents the wearer from being choked or strangled. The buckle sits on the opposite side of the lanyard at the base, just above the lanyard attachment. It does not come loose with a tug but rather requires both of its sides to be pinched in order to release the attachment from the rest of the lanyard. It is useful for removing keys or an ID from a lanyard without having to take the lanyard off.

Ordering Questions

Details about how to order custom lanyards.

Since all of our lanyards are 100% custom, we need to send you a price quote before you can order. Please fill out our quick and easy quote request form and we'll e-mail you a complete price quote along with a digital proof depicting what your lanyards will look like when produced. Generally, we'll have all of that to you within an hour of your quote request. If you're happy with your quote and proof, you can then place your order online. If you have any changes, we can easily make them before you order.

Yes, our minimum quantities vary by the style of lanyard you order. Due to the custom nature of our products, the smallest order quantity we can fulfill is 100. (Technically, we can produce fewer - but the total price for an order of fewer than 100 will cost just as much as ordering 100.) You can review all of our minimum quantities on our Custom Lanyards comparison guide.

Definitely not! Our price quotes and artwork services are free. You don't pay a cent until you're ready to place your order.

Like any other online purchase, we require you to pay for your items before we can ship them. In this case, since we are creating a custom product for you, we cannot begin production until we receive your payment. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. If you're ordering for a school or government organization, we can accept a purchase order on net 30 terms. If your corporation requires a different payment procedure, please let us know and we'll do everything we can to meet your needs.

Production and delivery time varies greatly with the quantity and style of lanyard being ordered. A simple order of 100 printed polyester lanyards will generally arrive to you in 7 to 10 days. An order of 5,000 offset printed lanyards will generally take 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Check our lanyard styles comparison for more specific details.

We do have rush orders available, often at no additional charge. However, rush orders must be within reason. While we can usually rush an order of 100 polyester lanyards and have them delivered in as little as 3 to 4 days, it's physically impossible to produce and ship 5,000 lanyards in that timeframe. We also can never produce and deliver lanyards overnight.

Miscellaneous Questions

Other questions not specific to custom lanyards (or anything really).

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