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1.Choose a lanyard style.

Our most popular style is Printed Polyester.
Printed Polyester

( 7 to 10 Days)

Printed Tube

( 7 to 10 Days)

Woven Polyester

( 10 to 14 Days)

Printed Nylon

( 7 to 10 Days)

Printed Satin

( 7 to 14 Days)

Printed Reflective

( 10 to 14 Days)

Printed Eco-Friendly

( 10 to 14 Days)


( 7 to 14 Days)

2.How many lanyards do you need?

Minimum quantity for Printed Polyester Lanyards is 100

Price Breaks

We offer price breaks at the following quantities:

100,  250,  500,  1000,  2500,  5000

Larger quantity discounts are also available.

3.Select a lanyard width.

We have pre-selected the recommended width for your chosen style.
(Not to scale; 5/8" and 3/4" are our most popular widths)
Select a length
A lanyard’s length is measured around the entire strip of material.

(There may be a $15.00 setup fee for custom length)

Pick a lanyard material thickness
Extra thick lanyards can be used for increased strength and durability.
Not to scale; 5/8" and 3/4" are our most popular widths.

4.Single - or Double-Ended?


Single-ended lanyards are sewn into a loop with one attachment at the end. Double-ended lanyards are open-ended, not sewn into a loop, with an attachment at each end.

(Double-ended lanyard prices vary depending on the attachments selected below.)

5.Colors and Design

Lanyard Color

Since all our lanyards are 100% custom, you can choose any material color you'd like. Listed below are our favorite shades along with their associated Pantone® color values.

Choose your lanyard color:

(List PANTONE® color value or describe the color you want.) For example. ‘Hex #a671ff’ or ‘Camouflage’. There's no additional charge for a custom color. List anything you like!

Patterns (Heat Transfer only)

Design Colors

Select the color(s) you want to include in your text, logo, or graphics. Our standard pricing includes 1 design color, but you can use more for a little extra per color.

Choose your design color(s):

(List PANTONE® color values or describe the color(s) you want.)

Lanyard Text

This text is what will appear on your lanyards. (i.e. name of company, school, slogan, etc.)

(You can leave this blank if you don't want any text on your lanyards.)

(If you want another font, just tell us in the comments box below.)

OPTIONAL: Graphics & Logos

You can upload up to 3 logos or images that you would like to have printed on your custom lanyards. If you don't have a graphic handy but would like one, just describe what you need in the comments box below. (Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tif, psd, ai, pdf, emf, eps. Maximum file size: 25 MB.)

Upload one or more files

We recommended that you upload high resolution image if available. File format AI or EPS is preferred, but not required. We will work with whatever you have. If you need to send us any additional image, please send them to

Style the backside of your lanyards

Include your design on both sides of your lanyards.


Our base lanyard pricing includes one standard attachment..
Standard Attachments

These are the most commonly-used hooks, clasps, and other lanyard attachments.

Metal J-Hook
Metal Lobster Claw
Metal Bulldog Clip
Metal Key Ring
Cell Phone Loop
Plastic Hook

Upgraded Attachments

For a thicker or colored hook, pick an upgraded attachment for a few extra cents per lanyard.

J-Hook (Black)

($0.10 each)

J-Hook (Gold)

($0.15 each)

J-Hook (Rose Gold)

($0.15 each)

Lobster Claw (Black)

($0.10 each)

Lobster Claw (Gold)

($0.15 each)

Lobster Claw (Rose Gold)

($0.15 each)

Bulldog Clip (Black)

($0.10 each)

Bulldog Clip (Gold)

($0.15 each)

Bulldog Clip (Rose Gold)

($0.15 each)

Key Ring (Black)

($0.10 each)

Key Ring (Gold)

($0.15 each)

Key Ring (Rose Gold)

($0.15 each)

Slide Hook

($0.15 each)

Oval Hook

($0.30 each)

No-Swivel Hook

($0.10 each)

Thumb Hook

($0.35 each)

Plastic J-Hook Clip

($0.10 each)

Plastic Oval Hook

($0.15 each)

Plastic Bulldog Clip

($0.10 each)

No-Swivel Bulldog Clip

($0.05 each)

Select any optional attachments below.

Safety Breakaway

Breakaways allow lanyards to "break" free from around your neck if they get snagged or pulled on. The safety breakaway is located in the back of the neck and does not interfere with the lanyard design.

No Breakaway

($0.00 each)

Flat Plastic Breakaway

($0.10 each)


($0.10 each)

Buckle Attachment

Connected at the base of the lanyard, allowing for easy release of the attachment.

No Buckle

($0.00 each)

Plastic Buckle

($0.20 each)

Plastic/Metal Buckle

($0.45 each)

Swivel Buckle

($0.20 each)

Metal Buckle

($0.50 each)

Badge Holder

These 100% clear pouches allow you to display an ID, badge, name tag, or card on your lanyards. Photos are not to scale. Sizes are in inches.

No Badge Holder

($0.00 each)

Business Card size - Horizontal (2x3.5)

($0.15 each)

Business Card size - Vertical (3.5x2)

($0.15 each)

Horizontal (3x4)

($0.20 each)

Index Card size - Vertical (5x3)

($0.20 each)


($0.50 each)

Show Additional Options
Retractable Badge Reel

Often used to quickly access an ID or swipe card. Cord winds back when released.

Badge Reel - Attached

($0.35 each)

Badge Reel - Attached - Custom Printed

($1.25 each)

Badge Reel with Clip

($0.45 each)

Badge Reel with Clip - Custom Printed

($1.35 each)

Badge reels are usually attached via key rings. If you selected a different attachment, we will also add a key ring onto your lanyards.

Length Adjustors

Allows you to resize a lanyard's length while wearing it.

Adjustable Bead

($0.05 each)

Adjustable Buckle

($0.25 each)

Metal Crimp

Offers added security in forming the loop at the lanyard's base.

Metal Crimp

($0.05 each)

Metal crimps are most often found on tube lanyards. Some material pinching occurs on widths larger than 5/8".

7.Contact information

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Enter your Information

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Note: Your e-mail address is required for us to send your price quote and custom lanyard digital proof. But we won't EVER give out or sell it. We promise.

Final Comments

If you have any other comments or questions about your custom lanyards, please include them in the box below.

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