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Whether it’s for corporate events, trade shows, schools, or everyday use, our customization options ensure you stand out in style.

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Make a Sustainable Statement

Crafted from recycled plastic, these lanyards offer the same softness as tradition polyester options. By opting for our eco-friendly alternative, you’re not just accessorizing — you’re making a conscious choice preserve our planet.

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Need Attachments? We've Got You Covered

We've curated an extensive collection of attachments to meet your needs. Whether it's securing badges, keys, or electronics, we have the ideal attachment to keep your essentials close at hand. Don't settle for subpar attachments – you'll find the perfect match with us.

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Heat press dyes colors into fabric.

The heat transfer style of lanyard is perfect for intricate designs. This printing method dyes the design into the fabric via a heat press rather than printing on top like our silk-screened styles. Although these lanyards are made from polyester threads, their texture is completely smooth and softer due to extremely hot temperatures pressed onto them during their manufacture. A full color print is included in the price.

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Sample Heat-transfer Lanyards

Here are examples of heat-transfer custom lanyards that our factory has produced in the past.

Close-Up View

This printing is a type of sublimated printing method that dyes the design into the fabric via a heat press rather than printing on top like our silk-screened styles.

Heat Transfer Prices & Delivery

The per-lanyard prices below are based on the quantity and width of the custom lanyards you order. The more you purchase, the less each one costs.

Widths 100 250 500 1,000 2,500 5,000
1/2" $1.82 $1.82 $1.29 $0.96 $0.85 $0.71
5/8" $1.84 $1.54 $1.31 $0.98 $0.87 $0.73
3/4" $1.85 $1.55 $1.32 $0.99 $0.88 $0.76
1" $1.87 $1.57 $1.34 $1.01 $0.90 $0.78

Prices listed are per-lanyard and Includes a full color print and 1 standard attachment. Minimum quantity is 100.

Average Delivery Time

Orders of 2,500 or fewer usually ship within 7 days. Rush orders are available (and often don't cost extra).

Confused about our prices?

We know it can be difficult to figure out exactly how much your custom lanyards will cost. Custom products are notoriously tough to price. That's why we do it for you.

Simply fill out our no-obligation quote request and our experts will e-mail you a complete price quote and a digital proof depicting what your lanyards will look like.

Colors & Attachments

Each of the colors and attachments is available for all of our custom lanyard styles, so we've separated them out into their own sections: Colors | Attachments